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Hunan Shengli Xianggang Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. Achieves a Complete Success in Unit Evaluation Conference

06 Dec 2015

On 6 December 2015, Hunan Shengli Xianggang Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. (“Hunan Shengli Steel Pipe”), the subsidiary of Shengli Oil & Gas Pipe Holdings Limited (“Shengli Pipe”), achieved a complete success in the unit evaluation conference. The evaluation committee consisted of a panel of 9 people including Li Helin, the academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and other experienced experts and professors, to appraise the results of the “Submerged-arc Longitudinal Welded Pipes production line through J-C-O-E technique, Submerged-arc Helical Welded Pipes production line and the research and application of Anti-corrosion production line” project. The management of the company including Mr. Zhang Bizhuang, Chairman and CEO of Shengli Pipe, Mr. Wang Kunxian, Executive Director and Vice President of Shengli Pipe, and Mr. Liu Yaohua, Vice President of Shengli Pipe and General Manager of Hunan Shengli Steel Pipe participated in the evaluation conference.

The experts of the evaluation inspected the production site and listened to the research report of the project team, users report, economic reports and technology research report, as well as reviewed the evaluation documents. After a series of Q & A session and discussion, the project, fully supported by the complete documents and accurate data, met the standards of the committee. Moreover, six innovation points including six stations inside and outside the wire with a combination of welding and UV photolysis efficient exhaust gas purification technology. Finally, the committee agreed that the results of the evaluation overall reached the international advanced level.

The success of the evaluation conference fully represented that Hunan Shengli Steel Pipe is capable of the production of high-grade steel pipes of oil and gas transportation, as well as laid a solid foundation for future major domestic and international oil and gas pipelines production.

Participants of the Evaluation Conference

Mr. Zhang Bizhuang, Chairman of the Board and CEO, is introducing the production lines to the experts

Li Helin, the academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, is visiting the production lines

The Scene of the Evaluation Conference
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