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17 May 2017
Notice of Annual General Meeting
17 May 2017
Notification Letter and Request Form to Non-registered Shareholders
17 May 2017
Notification Letter and Change Request Form to Registered Shareholders
06 Dec 2015
Hunan Shengli Xianggang Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. Achieves a Complete Success in Unit Evaluation Conference
05 Feb 2013
China University of Petroleum’s signing ceremony for Academic Research and Experiment Base held in Shengli Oil & Gas Pipe Holdings Limited
28 Jan 2013
Shandong Shengli Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. held 2012 Award Presentation
19 Jan 2017
The 13th Five-Year Plan of Petroleum and Gas promulgated - Speeding up pipeline construction
17 Aug 2016
Zhongwei-Jingbian segment is in progress, hopes to transport 30 billion cubic meters of gas per year
Annual Report
2012 Interim Results