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Honors and Awards Date
  Excellent Steel Pipes Supplier in Tanzania Natural Gas Processing Plant and Pipeline Project 2016  
  2015 Best Investment Value Award for Listed Company 2015  
  Co-constructed a practice base for teaching and scientific research with China University of Petroleum 2013  
  Awarded the title of “Customer Satisfaction Product” in "National Implementation of Construction with Users Satisfaction Advanced Units Competition" 2013  
  2012 Excellent Pipe Supplier in Shanxi Gas Industry Group Co. Ltd. Long-distance Pipeline Project 2012  
  2011 Excellent Completed Project in Zibo 2011  
  2011 Distinguished Industrial Company in Zibo 2011  
  2010 Distinguished Industrial Company in Zibo 2011  
  Outstanding Supplier in Sichuan Gas Pipeline Project in China 2010  
  Outstanding Manufacturer on Pipe Anti-corrosion in Central Asia Pipeline Project.   2010  
  Distinguished Steel Pipe Manufacturer in Central Asia Pipeline Project.   2010  
  Excellent Steel Pipe Manufacturer in China-Kazakhstan Crude Oil Pipeline Project   2010  
  Outstanding Supplier for Crude Oil and Finished-Product Oil Pipelines in the Western Region of China, China National Petroleum Corporation.   2008  
  Excellent Supplier in the West-East Gas Pipeline Project.   2006  
  Excellent Steel Pipe Manufacturer of Kenkiak-Atyrau, Kazakhstan-China Pipeline Projects.   2005  
  Excellent Steel Pipe Manufacturer of Muglad Basin Operating, Fula Oil Field, PDOC MBOD Pipeline Projects in Sudan   2005  
  High Contribution Appraisal in Tabamiao-Yulin Natural Gas Pipeline.   2005  
  Advanced unit in Southwest Finished-product Oil Pipeline Project in China, China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation   2004